​Vice Athletics athlete training program

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Athletic Performance Plan Phase I-4 Development PDF

What's included:

  • 4 months of training, videos and progressions
  • Minimal equipment usage, links provided for some small pieces
  • Weekly webinars, interactive coaching on training the process and open Q and A
  • Coaching Oversight 24/7

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Vice Athletics Athlete Training Program

Special offer! Purchase now and get a 75% discount! 

Now - $97 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Buy Our Athlete Training Program eBook!

There are a ton of strength coaches out there.  And they are all great coaches, and how I see it, we’ve learned from most of them and continue to progress our knowledge and application of tried and true principles.  

Vice Athletics Philosophy​

Huge Benefit 1

You are only as strong as your weakest link.  Louie SImmons is a mentor of mine, one of the best out there at continuously pushing the edge of what we can humanly do and how adaptation is an evolving process of steps forwards and backwards.  We tend to work on our strengths because it is comfortable. While we may continue to progress, we will eventually have to pivot. Louie is an expert at pivoting, and I learned from the best

Huge Benefit 2

Form equals safety.  Tim Jorgenson was the Strength Coach for the Cleveland Browns during my time up there.  He was meticulous with adherence to form. He had the classic progression mentality, tortoise wins the race, and straight forward training style.  No fluff. Just focused and functional work

Huge Benefit 3

Track the data.  Dr. Timothy Hewett formerly of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Biodynamics Center, currently The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, is a no nonsense data tracking hound.  He also had great perspective on biomechanics and training, and this spills over into his life usually via a great sense of humor. We tracked ACL Research data during my tenure, and we did it so repetitiously, I think Dr. Hewett turned me into a human 3D Motion Analysis System.  How we move is hugely important to function and performance, and it allows us to connect brains and bodies.

Huge Benefit 4

Last, simple is best.  Do the simple things, extremely well.  Obsessively well, and go from there. You must have the discipline to do the small things, do the easy things, and actually incorporate them into your training, your day, your life.  This is my style. Simple things boiled down from complex movements. Get to the bottom of it, and then go after it.

If you take this program and like it, please feel free to connect with us and continue your journey.  Vice Athletics is the culmination of all of these pieces and then some. There is a reason why we live by the mantra, “TRUST THE PROCESS”

Here’s what our current athletes are saying about Vice Athletics.

Owen Coutts

        Ballard High School Senior 2020

Div I Track Athlete - State Finalist 100M/200M 

Seth Berger

     Professional Basketball Player

Joshua Villarino

      Ballard High School Senior 2020

          Football Kicker/Place Kicker

"Seattle Seahawks Athlete of the Week 2018"

"US Marines All America Athlete Award Winner Washington State 2019"

I love the attention to detail in my workouts

Joe knows what I need to get to the highest level of performance as a kicker and punter. He provides me with the right training to strengthening my kicking legs to perform to the next level. I highly recommend Vice Athletics! The training has made me reach my goals winning several awards this past year. This gym is where you want to workout if you are an upcoming athlete it's the only indoor facility that has a training turf in Seattle.

Joe Palumbo, BS Exercise Physiology, NSCA Author

(National Strength and Conditioning Association)

What is exercise physiology?

Exercise physiology is a specialization within the field of kinesiology. These medical professionals study the body's responses to physical activity as well as how the body adapts to physical activity over time. Exercise physiologists are responsible for conditioning clients to higher levels of physical fitness and improved health, while staying tuned into safety issues that can be associated with single session exercise.

Trainer | Owner Joe Palumbo
Teaching Points Joe Palumbo

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you’re not satisfied with your new performance plan during the first 30 days and you have diligently followed all the trainers recommendation from the time you began your plan and for any reason you do not see any results after we look at your track record and your workout sessions, we’ll refund your money – No questions asked!


If you take this program and like it, please feel free to connect with us and continue your journey. Vice Athletics is the culmination of all of these pieces and then some. There is a reason why we live by the mantra, “TRUST THE PROCESS”

 Joseph Palumbo

      Master Instructor/Trainer/Owner

Joe Palumbo has a B.S. degree from the University of Dayton in Exercise PhysiologyCSCS  certification.  Joe has trained athletes in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, worked in a biodynamics center, is an NSCA published author and trained at every level with some really awesome teams. This combined experience and knowledge from PT clinics, strength and conditioning gurus, and educational background in Physiology has helped shape his training philosophies and the programs at Vice.

Special offer! Purchase now and get a 75% discount! 

Now - $97

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