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"Trust The Process"

Here is a method that will help you keep your overall fitness on track everyday.

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At Vice, we specialize in competitive athleticsperformance enhancementinjury prevention, return to work/play/life, and program design.  We drive towards goals, focus on results, and serve our clients with the best performance solution.

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When you walk into the facility, you’ll realize it’s not your average box gym.  We want to welcome you into our community and focus on your goals and your background and history.  With individualized attention and attention to details, small steps become large and transformational milestones.  

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

"Approach your fitness as seriously as you approach your career, they are related"

Our Facility


Monday             6AM - 8PM
Tuesday              6AM - 8PM
Wednesday        6AM - 8PM
Thursday           6AM - 8PM
Friday                6AM - 8PM
Saturday            7AM - 2PM
Sunday                CLOSED

We are a Seattle gym with a great 4,000 square foot facility with high-quality, functional training equipment and wide open space to move.

We are one of the few indoor gym that have artificial turf in our facility in the Seattle area. The majority of athletes compete on turf and we wanted to simulate their training under those conditions.

At VICE, specialization is our wheelhouse. Your access to our facility will be accessible anytime during the week and will be implemented with your own key access card in the near future.

Results Focused

No matter what stage of health, fitness, and performance you are in, we have a solution.

Proven Methods

Return to play, return to work, competitive athletics, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and overall general fitness and mechanics, we train with purpose at Vice.


Vice Fitness Quotes

"Vice Athletics was born for triumphs and failures, theory and application, creativity and scientific understanding, wins and many more losses.  You could say I was addicted to the challenge of creating a program which developed the foundation for being stronger, healthier, and overall just kicking ass at living life.  It is my Vice. From the start, I wanted Vice to be different. I knew the best way to do that was to be true to my foundations and beliefs. They are pretty simple".

                                                                                 Joe Palumbo, BS Exercise Physiology, CSCS

                                                                                   NSCA Published Author

6 Benefits that will teach and design a performance program to suit your needs

Benefit #1

  • Complimentary introduction to Vice and Movement Analysis Screening
  • We want to understand your experience, history, and background
  • 4 step program that is challenging, fun, full of style and humor, with 100% results
  • Full nutritional consult, and overhaul.
  • Benefit #2

  • Exclusive access to monthly live training workshops
  • Advanced plans that includes a training app with personalized diet plans syncing to your fitbit
  • Continue your work out while on the road, vacation, or just when life gets hectic
  • View/Track your workouts in the Vice App.
  • Benefit #3

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach 
  • 15 years experience working in the NFL, Biodynamics Research Labs
  • Published author in National Strength & Conditioning Association Research Journal
  • Nutrition for sport and mental components of grit.
  • Self-care, at-home therapy and recovery
  • Benefit #4

  • Membership access to all Vice's training video instructions.
  • Workouts that meets your personal needs.
  • Access to Morning, Afternoon, Evening groups.
  • Performance training for your club, teams & coaches.
  • Athletic development for all ages.

  • Benefit #5

  • Group Classes
  • Yoga
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • 1-1 Personal Training
  • Boxing Trainer
  • Benefit #6

  • Small Group Classes
  • Individual Programs with        Benchmarks and Goal Focus
  • Online Training and Travel Program
  • Train with ROUNDBOX Equipment.
  • Cross Training and TRX Trainer
  • Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  • Vice Athletics Mobile App.