Pick your plan

Vice Group Membership

Functional Focused Groups capped at 10 people.

Morning, Afternoon, Evening groups.

Focus on Form/Intensity/Progressions.

Monthly Workshops, Body Comps, Check-Ins.

Vice Solo Membership

Monthly Customized and Individualized Training

View/Track your workouts in the Vice App

Monthly Workshops, Body Comps, Check-Ins


Vice Hybrid

Enrollment into Vice Membership or Vice Solo

4 semi-private training sessions

Online Training and Travel Programs



Advanced Plans

Vice Elite Membership

Limited Enrollment (90 Day Minimum).

Up to 12 semi-private sessions per month plus Group Membership.

Online and Travel Training Package.

Full Nutritional Consult and Overhaul.

Individualized Program with Benchmarks and Goal Focus.



Vice Athletics Training

Performance Training for your club, teams & coaches.

Customized Plan to improve performance and reduce injuries.

Athletic Development for all Ages.

Pre- and post-testing analysis for coaches and parents.

Nutrition for sport and mental components of grit.

Self-care, at-home therapy, and recovery.

Training and Development for Coaches.