Time to Elevate Your Fitness Performance to the Next Level?

Joe knows what I need to get to the highest level of performance as a kicker and punter. He provides me with the right training to strengthening my power legs to perform to the next level. I highly recommend Vice Athletics! The training has made me reach my goals winning several awards this past year. This gym is where you want to workout if you are an upcoming athlete.

Joe Palumbo


NSCA Author


What You’ll Get During This Free Fitness Performance Call

  • Complimentary introduction to Vice and Movement Analysis Screening
  • We want to understand your experience, history, and background
  • 4 step program that is challenging, fun, full of style and humor, with 100%            results
  • What You’ll Do Before the Call

    What type of fitness plan am I looking for to get the best results. What am I looking for weight loss, athlete performance, strength, flexibility or overall fitness.

    What Happens During the Call

    We will discuss and talk about your movement analysis screening. We will discuss your experience, history and background. We will set up a 4 step program that is challenging, fun full of style and humor, with 100% results.

    What Changes After the Call

    We will create a performance plan that will help you to the next level and have tangible results in a matter of days. You will have a set time schedule that we can work together and understanding your fitness needs that works for you. 

    About Joe Palumbo

    Joe Palumbo has a BS degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Dayton,  and has an CSCS certification with multiple training programs . Joe has trained athletes in the NFL, worked in a biodynamics center, is an NSCA published author and trained at every level with some really awesome teams. This combined experience and knowledge from PT clinics, strength and conditioning gurus, and educational background in Physiology has helped shape his training philosophies and the programs at Vice.

    Why We Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

    It's important to us that we meet all your fitness needs and prevent injuries in the future. We want you to be stronger, healthier, and overall just kicking ass at living life!

    Jarma ram greenberg


    We love Vice Athletics and all the trainers who help our whole family, especially our young athletes in training. A big plus is the owner Joe, his dedication to his clients and community are above and beyond!! I’m so thankful my daughter has the opportunity to work with a group that empowers and encourages a positive fitness journey!!

    carolyn hogben


    Great atmosphere, great outwork whilst having fun! Joe knows what he is talking about especially with my back injury and very accommodating! Best style of training!

    sam m.


    I highly recommend Joe and team at Vice Athletics. I have worked with many coaches and trainers over my years and Vice Athletics approach, integrity, knowledge and overall personal attention is far and above any others I have worked with. So brilliant on approach and program! A completely comprehensive personal program. I love it! Their passion and motivation needs to be shared. All ages and levels. I’m glad I found them.

    What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Performance!

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