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Vice Athletics was born for triumphs and failures, theory and application, creativity and scientific understanding, wins and many more losses.  You could say I was addicted to the challenge of creating a program which developed the foundation for being stronger, healthier, and overall just kicking ass at living life.  It is my Vice. From the start, I wanted Vice to be different. I knew the best way to do that was to be true to my foundations and beliefs. They are pretty simple.

  • Complimentary introduction to Vice and Movement Analysis Screening
  • We want to understand your experience, history, and background
  • 4 step program that is challenging, fun, full of style and humor, with 100% results

Personalized Workout Experience

  • Exclusive access to monthly live training workshops
  • Advanced plans that includes a training app with personalized diet plans syncing to your fitbit
  • Continue your work out while on the road, vacation, or just when life gets hectic

Online Training Videos

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • 15 years experience working in the NFL, Biodynamics Research Labs
  • Published author in National Strength & Conditioning Association Research Journal


Joe Palumbo BS CSCS trained athletes in the NFL, worked in a biodynamics center, is an NSCA published author and trained at every level with some really awesome teams. This combined experience and knowledge from PT clinics, strength and conditioning gurus, and educational background in Physiology has helped shape his training philosophies and the programs at Vice.

Ariel Sciammas has a B.S. degree from Cornell College in Exercise Physiology.  He was a two sport athlete with over 5 years experience working with athletes in the greater Seattle area.  He heads the Athletic Performance Training at Vice Athletics.  

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